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Wooden doors: 6 reasons to choose a timeless classic

Wooden doors: 6 reasons to choose a timeless classic

The furnishing alternatives nowadays are the most disparate. There are doors made of PVC, glass and combinations of different materials of various types. Of all the alternatives, however, wooden doors continue to be the most classic, elegant and timeless ones.

Why this? Probably for the sensations that wood can evoke. A unique material, which reacts to external stimuli, which shares its being "alive" with us, capable of maturing and changing over time.

Today we want to focus our gaze on these fixtures, indicating six possible reasons why it is still right to choose a wooden door.
Why choose a wooden door?

When it comes to doors, obviously every material used has its pros and cons. We discussed this extensively in “Interior doors prices: 5 factors to consider before buying”. In the article we divided the options available on the market into glass, PVC and wood. And in the latter case, we explained that it is the option with the highest variety. Each type of wood, in fact, has unique characteristics, which then reverberate on the price.

Having said that, let's see what the six factors that could push us to buy a wooden window frame are for us:

    Environmental impact;
    Temperature management;
    Tax incentives;
    Savings on the bill.

Let's briefly analyze them one by one.

fattori positivi delle porte in legno


Despite being a traditional material, wood still offers excellent safety standards. Doors on the market today are equipped with advanced components aimed at increasing reliability. As in the case of hinged doors with perimeter structures in water-repellent HDF, which preserves the integrity and protects from moisture damage.
Low environmental impact

As anticipated, wood is a living material. A natural resource that today is exploited in a sustainable and rational way, also thanks to recent European regulations. The laws in force ensure that the wood used for the production of frames is of quality. At the same time, forests are being safeguarded. But that's not enough. Because for the production of doors and windows attention is paid to the type of glue and paints used.

Therefore, buying a wooden door is a choice that is also in favor of the environment.

Temperature management

Thanks to its properties, wood is able to offer good insulating properties. In other words, it allows the temperature inside a chamber to be kept constant. This leads to lower consumption, and therefore to greater energy savings.

In this context, wood is not the only factor to dwell on. Thanks to increasingly advanced construction techniques, modern doors offer ever greater structural stability. Such as anti-noise rubber seals, hinges and magnetic locks.

It is clear that the style of a door is a completely subjective parameter. It must be said, however, that that of the wooden window frames is an immediately recognizable aspect. There are really many adjectives that can be used in this sense. Classic, traditional, elegant, refined. If you are looking for an alternative for a prestigious studio, a cozy living room or a bedroom that inspires serenity, you can never go wrong with a wooden door.

Tax incentives

The replacement of the fixtures can lead to the benefit of incentives and bonuses. Just enter your question or type a keyword to get your doubts answered.
Savings on the bill

Considering the insulating properties of wood, it seems all too simple to say that by installing doors of this type it is possible to obtain better thermal performance. All this leads to less use of air conditioners and air conditioners.

Thus, at the end of the month, the bill becomes lighter.

The wooden doors proposed by Italian doors

Le porte in legno proposte da porte Italiane

The proposal of wooden doors by Porte Italiane

There are many proposals for wooden doors that we are pleased to offer in the Italian Doors catalog. From cheap and easy-to-install cherry laminate doors to more exclusive models, such as this lacquered frame with “Versus” engravings.

For questions and information, please call 0941 901172 and 0941 912335: our experts will be able to answer all your doubts.