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Hotel sanitation a topical issue

Hotel sanitation: the rules for dealing with the Coronavirus

Hotel sanitation is a central issue at the moment. In fact, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed many of our habits, including those related to relationships with others.

Just to give an example, when you enter a shop you are no longer surprised by the presence of parafiato glass protections. Handshakes, at the same time, have been replaced by an elbow salute, or nods from afar.

All these changes lead to a change in hotel management. Constantly cleaning rooms and common areas becomes essential. For this reason, today we want to talk to you about the sanitation systems that the trade associations want to implement to improve the offer of accommodation facilities, even in this period.

Sanitizing hotels is more essential than ever

The holidays of 2020 will be very different from those of the past. The spread of the epidemic, unfortunately, has forced hotels and bed & breakfasts to run for cover. The summer season will record lower numbers than in previous years, but this does not prevent them from still giving their guests a pleasant experience.

In essence, sanitizing hotels involves almost all the activities carried out in the hotel:

  -  The use of furniture and utensils in rooms and common areas
  -  The consumption of meals and drinks in the room, at the restaurant or at the bar
  -  The check-in and check-out phases
  -  Payment in cash
  -  The activity of the staff inside and outside the structure

In an attempt to bring order to a rather chaotic situation, the trade associations took the field. Federalberghi, Confindustria Alberghi and Assohotel have drawn up a document that outlines some of the measures to be taken. It must be said that the contribution, which can be viewed at this link, has no legal value. However, the fact that it was drawn up by central organizations for the sector gives the initiative considerable importance.

The measures for the 2020 holidays in accommodation facilities - hotel cleaning

The guidelines expressed in the document drawn up by the trade associations are numerous and well articulated. Regarding the issue of sanitizing hotels, here are the most important references:

    The cleaning of the room will be carried out differently depending on whether the room has already been occupied by a guest, or whether it is intended to accommodate one
    For cleaning, water and detergents must be used, while decontamination must be completed with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solutions
    The furnishing of the rooms must include furniture and furnishings capable of withstanding multiple cleaning cycles
    Door handles, keypads for unlocking accesses, bars: all elements that come into contact repeatedly with guests must be cleaned at regular intervals
    The push-button panels, in particular, must be cleaned at least twice a day, a number that can increase in case of repeated use by guests
    Air conditioning systems, even in the case of appliances included in a home automation system, must be cleaned by responsible persons in charge

Rethinking the decor of your hotel, then, in this period could be a correct solution. Opting for furniture that can be easily sanitized and cleaned can speed up the sanitation operations, to the benefit of the experience offered to its guests.

Porte Italiane's range of furniture for hotels

Porte Italiane offers various solutions dedicated to furnishing for hospitality facilities. Our catalog, which can be viewed on this page ARREDO HOTEL, includes options that are well suited to any type of bed & breakfast, guest house and other similar activities.

Many of our items are made of honeycomb wood, a particular construction type without chipboard and formaldehyde which is particularly solid and resistant. Modern sanitation and sanitation systems for hotels are not a problem for these furnishings, which ensure a long life.

There is no shortage of particularly useful proposals in this specific period, such as the aforementioned or the many offers related to hotel home automation.

The 2020 holiday season doesn't have to be synonymous with missed opportunities or crises. With the right precautions, it is possible to go back to recording good performances.

For any information on how to improve your hotel furniture and sanitize it in the best possible way, do not hesitate to contact us by following the references included in the PORTE ITALIANE contact page. We will be able to offer you solutions in line with your needs, even in this period marked by the Coronavirus.