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How to best maintain the external doors of the house? The guide

How to best maintain the external doors of the house? The guide

Your doors say a lot about you and your home even before visitors enter. After all, it is often the place where people wait to be received, with nothing to do but look at the frame until an answer is obtained.

It's hard to think of another spot in the house that gets such close attention from visitors. For this reason, today we want to find out how it is possible to keep the external doors of the house in the best possible way.
Why carry out maintenance on house doors?

It is important to keep the front door clean and pleasant to look at. As an owner, it is often easy to forget this fixture while cleaning the house. But regular care and periodic maintenance can extend the life of your door and improve the appearance of the entire home.

Here then are the essential operations for the maintenance of house doors:

    Cleaning the glass doors

    Mobile draft excluder threshold adjustment

    Armored door hinges adjustment

    Simple washing with soap and water

    Protect the doors with a little color

    Careful inspection of the locks

    Proper maintenance of the seals

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Cleaning the glass doors (See the article)

Glass cleaning, on the other hand, is undoubtedly one of the most demanding activities.

It can sometimes be a long operation and is often also difficult. However, this type of cleaning can also become practical and fast if you follow some important precautions.

In most cases, however, homemade remedies with natural ingredients such as vinegar, water, alcohol and bicarbonate, prove to be much more effective and above all also allow savings from an economic point of view.

Mobile draft excluder threshold adjustment

What exactly is the mobile draft excluder?

It is a device equipped with a gasket that allows you to close the space between the floor and the door and are distinguished by the degree of tightness to air, water, noise and even fire.

As you can also see in this video, with some tests it is easy to understand the right degree of adjustment of the threshold.

This is just one of the fantastic options that our shop offers, there are many products we offer, take a look and let yourself be tempted!
Armored door hinges adjustment

How to adjust a security door in height by acting on the hinges?

Here is our simple and intuitive tutorial, let's get started!

Here are the various steps that you will find illustrated and explained in the video

We remove the caps with a slotted screwdriver, once equipped with an 8 mm hex wrench we act on the hinge by tightening it, we repeat this operation also for the upper hinge.

As you can see, a simple adjustment can solve a very annoying problem!

Are you looking for more tutorials like this one? Take a look at our content on youtube

Simple washing with soap and water

The front door is a real style statement of your home. At the same time, it protects the home from wind, rain, snow, humidity and intruders. That said, it's almost surprising how a door can get very dirty after some time. Even patio doors can become covered in dirt, pollen and cobwebs.

For this reason, it is good to carry out regular cleaning, perhaps even with water and mild dish soap. This is an often overlooked operation, but it can make a big difference if done on a regular basis. For more information on this topic, feel free to read our special on taking care of doors.
Protect the doors with a little color

There are a number of different reasons why you may want to repaint or change the color of your door. It is possible to give the frame a new look, or you can simply match the shade of the window to the rest of the house.

A new color, therefore, can be an easy way to change the appearance of the external door, restoring to the window some of the structural integrity lost over the years due to mold and external agents. If you are undecided about which color to choose, rely on our guide on the meaning of the colors of the exterior doors.

A careful inspection of the locks

Locks are perhaps the elements that are most affected by the prolonged action of external agents over time. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a periodic check, since these are essential elements for the safety of the entire home.

The moment you realize that your old locks no longer work as they should, you need to replace them. In our special on digital or cylinder locks we have highlighted the characteristics of the various choices available to you.
Carry out proper maintenance of the gaskets (or replace them)

Taking a close look at the seals is important, and also quite simple. With the door closed, you need to place your hand around the perimeter of the frame, and feel if there are air currents or rays of light that penetrate inside. If the test fails, with drafts and light filtering through the door, it may be time to change the gaskets.

If the gasket is in good condition, however, it will be sufficient to clean it thoroughly and perhaps apply a light layer of furniture wax for extra protection.

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