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How to improve the entrance area of ​​your home in 4 steps

How to improve the entrance area of ​​your home in 4 steps

One of the best ways to give your home a new appeal is to renovate the entrance area. This is a goal that can be achieved in many ways, all of which are quite simple to implement and relatively inexpensive. From the purchase of doors to the inclusion of new green areas, without considering the lighting systems, the options are numerous.

Here are four ways to improve the entrance area of ​​your home:

  -  Replace the door
  -  Add some greenery
   - Increase the lighting
   - Invest in accessories

Let's analyze them one by one.


Replace the door

If the appearance of your door appears tired and faded, or even just a little too simple, your home will not have the same "wow factor" it could have with a quick and simple replacement of the frame. To create an attractive focal point for your property, you might consider installing a door in a nice bright color. In our guide dedicated to the exterior colors of the doors you will be able to understand which color is most suitable for your case.

The addition of elegant house numbers to the door, as well as a beautiful letterbox and a handle, will add further character, and all this will only improve the overall appearance of the entire home.
Add some greenery

Regardless of whether you have an extravagant driveway or a picturesque entrance path, adding a little greenery will immediately enhance the charm of your property.

It is a quick and easy way to give value to your home in an eco-sustainable and economical way. You can add greenery to your entrance space by intervening on different areas. In the borders around the driveway, near a window, or in a pair of planters placed on either side of the door. If you choose to increase the green, however, make sure the end result is neat and tidy.

Increase the lighting

It is possible to increase the appeal of your home by illuminating the exteriors. In this way, a welcoming environment will be created even in the evening, increasing the functionality of the entire home (and perhaps discouraging any attempts by malicious people).

Before deciding where to install the light points, it is good to carry out several tests. With regard to the door, for example, it is necessary to understand the effect obtained by trying different lighting directions. Several options are available on the market, including light points with solar panels and more traditional solutions. In short, the choice is wide.
Invest in accessories

Investing in finishing makes your entrance area truly unique. These are touches of class that are not exactly necessary, but which will certainly help increase the prestige of the entire home.

In this sense, it is important to understand how much you want to spend on these tweaks, and what impact they will have on the potential of the property. In practical terms, this category of interventions is particularly diverse. You can go from buying garden furniture to using new door covers. Or you can opt for the use of gazebos, swings, swings, games and other options for the little ones.

The choice, therefore, is really wide, and allows you to better customize any type of home.

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