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Renewing doors and rooms following the signs of the zodiac: how is it done?

Renewing doors and rooms following the signs of the zodiac

Renew doors and rooms following the zodiac signs.
It is likely that you already know your zodiac sign, and perhaps its connection with a constellation, on which some details of your personality and the connection to a specific element (earth, air, fire, water) would depend. But did you know that your sign is also characterized by a color?

Specifically, each zodiac sign is related to a different shade, according to ancient beliefs. It can underline what are the typical qualities of each sign: confidence, calm, vitality and so on. So let's discover the color linked to your sign, and how every nuance can be used to embellish doors and renovate domestic environments.


Aries: Red

The representative color of Aries is red, synonymous with energy and enthusiasm. It is a very versatile color, ideal for example for entrance doors but not only.

A red sliding door is suitable for the most creative offices, but also for those areas of the house where there is a need for joy (such as bedrooms).
Taurus: Green

Those born under the sign of Taurus have their dominant color in green. Also in this case, it is a color that can be used above all for external doors, thanks to its discreet and calm appearance.

Choosing green for your doors is ideal especially if you have a house surrounded by nature, perhaps well exposed to the sun in all seasons.
Gemini: Yellow

Gemini, with their friendly and open personality, are represented by yellow. An optimistic, cheerful color, ideal both for doors and for walls and walls.

The yellow doors create a focal point inside the room, improving the management of spaces. A wall of this color, on the other hand, increases the brightness and is suitable for children's bedrooms (if used, however, with a certain criterion, without abusing it).

Cancer: silver
Those born under the sign of Cancer are associated with silver. An elegant, measured and discreet color, just like those born in this period (between June and July).

Silver is suitable for working environments, and can be used on any type of door. From sliding to hinged ones.
Leo: gold

The zodiac sign of Leo is characterized by strength, will and desire to emerge. Aspects that go well with the gold color, full of energy and personality.

A somewhat complex color to combine with doors and walls, but which, on the other hand, can be suitable for accessories and furnishings, perhaps inside a room with a slightly over-the-top style.
Virgo: brown

Loyalty and vigor characterize those born under the sign of Virgo, whose main color is brown.

A choice that can be boring at first glance, and which instead turns out to be suitable for practically any window or door. Whether it's a door or a window, brown is never wrong.
Libra: light blue

A balanced, calm and peaceful sign. Libras see light blue as their favorite shade, which can be used without problems in rooms of the house that require quiet and discretion.

In short, ideal for bedrooms, studies and reading areas.

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Scorpio: black

A mysterious color like black suits Scorpios perfectly. This color is very versatile, and can be used to enhance doors and frames of various types.

An option of absolute value, suitable for any type of home, as we explained in our special dedicated to black doors.
Sagittarius: purple

Judgment and creativity: the two values ​​that guide Sagittarius are summarized by purple, the perfect color to give a new look to the walls of the house.

Ideal for a studio, this tint is great to combine with lighter colors, for an explosion of exciting shades.
Capricorn: gray

Serious and judicious, Capricorns see gray as their primary color. A color that can be easily applied to both doors and walls, especially in the workplace.

In short, a choice that allows you to make a good impression in any context.
Aquarius: blue

Although it is an air sign, Aquarius is evidently linked to the marine world, and therefore to blue.

A color that stimulates reflection and thought, and which is suitable for environments such as bedrooms and areas of the house where you can relax after a busy day.
Pisces: teal

Finally we arrive at Pisces, another sign that obviously refers to the sea. Green water, with its calm, is the best choice in this case.

A color that can be used both for painting the walls, but also for furnishings and accessories.
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