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Interior doors basic elements in a house

Internal doors: 4 ideas for furnishing a house in a contemporary style

The internal doors are an integral part of the furnishings. Having abandoned the purely practical dimension, these fixtures today play an emotional role, a vehicle of style and messages.

Their choice, therefore, must be the result of a careful process. This dynamic takes on even greater importance in contemporary environments.

These offer numerous customization possibilities and allow you to run wild with your imagination.

Below we offer some ideas regarding the choice of modern interior doors for homes that do not want to give up on beauty and functionality.

Interior doors enrich contemporary-style homes

Talking about contemporary style is a rather complex topic. This current includes housing structures ranging from the middle of the last century to more recent homes. In any case, the contemporary style is characterized by the presence of some very evident basic characteristics (also highlighted in this article in the Consumer Guide.

It is above all the combination of beauty and practicality that plays a major role. At the same time, the simplicity of the lines and the quality of the raw materials used also characterize this specific aesthetic.

Anyone who wants to design a house in a contemporary style must therefore be able to create a complex balance. Interior doors can help give environments a sense of elegance and stability, but also of movement and dynamism.

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Combine style and substance with glass paneled interior doors

Creating a contemporary environment also means paying attention to the management of light. One of the best ways to get proper lighting is to choose interior doors with glass panels. This type of window, in fact, reveals its contemporary soul more than any other.

The solid structure in water-resistant, jointed fir wood houses laminated glass panels, frosted or transparent. The customization options are numerous, ranging from the handle finishes to the design embossed on the glass. In this way it is possible to give your home a truly contemporary look.

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Create functional open spaces with sliding doors

Contemporary environments are often characterized by high dynamism. In many cases, for example, two or more spaces are united and at the same time separated from each other by the fixtures. To achieve this objective it is necessary to rely on structures such as sliding doors.

Thanks to their high dynamism, these fixtures are able to delimit and expand spaces. Their simple operation also allows you to efficiently manage the lighting, and to create functional open spaces. Connecting the dining room with the kitchen, or the study with the living room, becomes simple and practical. In perfect contemporary style.

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Doors with overlapping panels: elegance for the bedroom and beyond

One might think that classic style doors are not suitable for being installed in environments with a contemporary character. This may be true if all the other furnishings also share the same traditionalist vocation. When, on the other hand, it is possible to play with styles, internal doors with overlapping panels can be a good choice. All of this, of course, must fall within the perspective of a coherent organization of styles and spaces. The subtle contrasts of colour, materials and shapes help to create a unique and authentically contemporary aesthetic.

The overlapping panel doors ensure privacy, lightness and mechanical resistance. The wooden perimeter structure gives them an elegant and simple look, ideal for areas of the house such as bedrooms and studies.

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Wooden swing doors: an always contemporary solution

Modern interior doors are available in various models, but the queen alternative is always the hinged one. The wooden fixtures of this type present refinement, practicality and functionality. Furthermore, there are numerous customization opportunities, ranging from the choice of wood to the colour, not to mention the mechanisms of the handles and hinges.

One of the characteristics of contemporary style houses is their originality. Instead of following approved models, houses of this type create their own design, resulting different from each other. In this sense, hinged doors are an ideal choice, precisely because of their high customization possibilities, combined with the resistance of the frame.

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Sliding, swing and overlapping internal doors: these and other solutions make contemporary homes more livable. To start designing or transforming your home, simply contact Porte Italiane. Our experts will be able to provide the answers you are looking for in a short time on interior doors prices or even cheap interior doors.