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Interior glass or wooden doors? Find out which interior door is right for you

Interior glass or wooden doors? Find out which interior door is right for you

Choosing a glass or wooden door is a common question. Such a decision is necessary, for example, during a renovation, or when planning a new environment. We have already talked about the possible errors related to the choice of interior doors. On this occasion, however, we will deepen the reasons that should push to buy a wooden or glass door.

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Where do I install my interior door?

The first variable to be examined is related to the place that will host the door. Interior glass doors, for example, are often associated with work environments, such as offices and professional studios. Such an option suggests that the boundary between environments is less marked, because it lets light through and, in some cases, is completely transparent.

The most modern interior doors with glass are therefore suitable for environments where it is necessary to have constant contact with the public, but also for the most dynamic organizations. If work becomes smart, and increasingly flexible, interior doors must also follow this dynamic.

The wooden alternatives, on the other hand, are versatile and available in various models. This allows you to install them in houses and apartments, but also in hotels and lodges. When placed in residential and hospitality settings, wood options are able to bring a sense of warmth and elegance. An example of this is to be found in the Seattle Residences in Lagos, Nigeria. The apartments of this structure are embellished with internal doors provided by Porte Italiane. Their appearance is therefore refined, traditional but not antiquated.

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The aesthetics of internal glass or wooden doors

The most obvious difference between glass and wooden interior doors is certainly their appearance. The former lend themselves to being declined in numerous models. It starts with completely transparent alternatives, up to options with satin panels. In modern glass interior doors it is easy to find inserts, sandblasted finishes and decorations of various kinds. These factors transform the doors into real pieces of furniture.

The wooden doors, on the other hand, link their visual rendering to the type of material used for the construction. Rosewood, walnut, cherry, oak, wenge: these are just some of the woods used for the manufacture of these solutions. In general, therefore, the aesthetics of interior wooden doors offer flexible proposals that are able to adapt to any need.

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Interior doors with modern glass or wood: the characteristics

Internal glass or wooden doors have obvious technical characteristics. The glass models allow the passage of light, and this makes the rooms brighter and more alive. More light in the rooms is also synonymous with energy saving. The most modern and technological houses, therefore, constitute the optimal destination environment for this type of products.

Internal wooden doors, on the other hand, can be resistant to water and fire. The solutions of this type are eco-sustainable and have high insulation profiles. The shielding action determines better temperature management, and all this reverberates on fuel efficiency.

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Privacy and security of interior doors in wood and more

Definitely interesting is the chapter dedicated to the safety and privacy of glass and wooden doors. The interior doors with glass, as mentioned, give the rooms an airy and open character. However, thanks to the presence of sandblasted, satin and opaque panels, it is possible to obtain a good level of privacy. In these cases, in fact, only blurred shadows are visible to an external observer.

From the point of view of safety, it is necessary that the glass doors comply with the European standards in this regard. Each type of glass behaves differently in case of trauma. The temperate one tends to shatter into harmless fragments, while the layered one has greater stability. Before buying such a door, therefore, it is good to inquire about these aspects as well.


The internal wooden doors offer high privacy profiles, also thanks to the sound insulation, and the shielding action of the swing. From a safety perspective, these alternatives can play a central role in the event of fire or flooding. REI doors, for example, ensure insulation against smoke and flames, as explained in this article.


A great offer of modern glass interior doors

We have offered you several ideas to decide whether to buy a glass or wooden interior door. Are you still undecided? Porte Italiane experts are always at your disposal for any request. Contact us now!