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Interior doors: how do they differ from external ones?

Interior doors: how do they differ from external ones

At first glance, wondering how interior doors differ from exterior doors seems to be a pretty straightforward exercise.

To an untrained eye, the difference seems to be simply one: the external doors delimit the area of ​​the house, while the internal ones create spaces within the same environment.

The discourse obviously goes beyond this simple inequality. In this article we aim to deepen the differences between these fixtures. Understanding their characteristics better can help you choose with greater awareness.

confrontare porte interne con le porte esterne

Why compare interior and exterior doors?

Understanding how internal and external fixtures differ allows you to search more precisely for the desired product. Simply saying “I want to buy an external door” is no longer enough. The market offers many stylistic and structural alternatives, and it is important to be prepared at the moment of choice.

Here are the most important parameters that differentiate internal doors from external ones:

    Door thickness;

Let's try to analyze these aspects one by one.
The thickness of the door

As expected, the external doors are much thicker than the internal ones. Even without disturbing doors and security doors, the reasons are many. The simplest to explain concerns the role of the doors themselves. The external frame acts as a barricade, offers protection. It must be able to withstand external agents and break-in attempts.

The interior doors, on the other hand, are equipped with significantly less thick doors. This is because their task is more than anything else to shield the environments, distribute the light in the best possible way, give or not pass between one room and another. What is certain is that there are also rather resistant doors for indoor environments, such as REI 120 doors for hotels and more.

The price

Generally speaking, the price of external doors is higher than that of internal counterparts. This is because, many times, the doors of interior doors are hollow, or in any case contain high quality but cheap material.

The external doors, on the other hand, have a solid layer inside them, in order to improve stability, resistance and safety. And this is a factor that undoubtedly raises the final price.

In any case, the market now offers particularly scalable solutions, that is, capable of adapting to the needs and budget of various consumer groups.

caratteristiche porte interne


Aesthetics is a key theme in the choice of doors. The alternatives available to you are really many, whether it is internal or external doors.

In general, interior doors tend to range more with colors and patterns. Just think of one of our favorite options, the sliding doors with print and invisible track, full of charm and originality.

On the other hand, external doors must give an idea of ​​solidity and strength, therefore their appearance is often more "serious". As in the case of this aluminum door, perfect for protecting the threshold of private homes and professional offices.
The volume occupied

The space occupied by a door also makes us understand its primary task. This is why external doors, designed to protect and offer security, generally take up more space than internal ones.

And the interior doors offer very original methods of occupying space. Think of the internal sliding doors, where the door even disappears into the walls. Or at the folding doors, where the frame folds in on itself to cover a smaller volume.

Acoustic insulation

Most interior doors do not have particularly high acoustic insulation profiles. In other words, they do not offer effective shielding against sound waves. And in many cases that's okay, because there is no need to completely isolate rooms and internal environments. Apart from this, there are still efficient and high quality soundproof doors.

The external doors, on the other hand, are generally not equipped with a hollow interior, and therefore already for this reason they offer greater soundproofing.

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Porte Italiane's offer of internal and external doors

In this article we have mentioned many types of internal and external doors. They are all available in our catalog, which can be viewed at any time from your PC or smartphone.

And if you are undecided about which door is right for you, take advantage of our assistance service via Whatsapp. Or you can send an email to [email protected]. In a short time you will receive an answer to your questions.