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Interior wooden doors: prices and 5 reasons to choose them

What are the reasons to choose them for interior wooden doors?

Choosing wooden interior doors for your home or office is undoubtedly a good idea. There are numerous reasons that should lead to such a choice, starting from the refined aesthetic aspect, without neglecting the economic convenience.

In this article, then, we're going to summarize the five reasons that could push you to buy interior doors.

Interior doors have a unique charm

Wood is a living material. It has unique characteristics of flexibility and resistance. This means that every door is different from the next, which leads to a unique charm.

Whether you choose a door in walnut or Tanganyika, rosewood or wengé, the result does not change. Installing a wooden window immediately brings a sense of warmth into the home, thanks to a classic and refined look. Ideal for delimiting study or living room areas, wooden doors are a high-value alternative also for accommodation facilities.

In short, unlike other solutions on the market, often suitable only for certain contexts, you can never go wrong with these types of fixtures.

They have different styles and working mechanisms

The production of wooden doors is vast, and this leads to the proposition of different types of alternatives.

This means that wooden window frames are available in the most diverse alternatives. From the more classic hinged doors to the folding doors, always graceful and suitable when space is limited. Sliding doors also offer an intuitive operating mechanism, as well as a lovely minimalist look.

But that's not enough, because the large category of wooden window frames includes not only interior doors, but also doors and windows for working environments. Like the swing doors, ideal for restaurants, butchers and many other contexts.

They come in different shapes and sizes

Among the many alternatives on the market, wooden interior doors are one of the most flexible solutions. This is because they are easily adapted to the needs of the buyer.

The size of the panel, a fundamental parameter in the creation of a made-to-measure window, can be easily calibrated according to needs. Even the presence of decorations and finishes can be easily agreed.

This leads to the possibility of creating pleasant mixtures of materials. Solid wood doors with glass are just a small example, but there are many other alternatives available. From laminate swing doors to overlapping panel solutions, you'll be spoiled for choice.

The internal door integrates into any type of environment

Some types of doors fail to adapt to different types of rooms. Transparent glass doors, for example, are not the primary alternative for delimiting the bathroom or bedroom area. On the contrary, these solutions are excellent for studios or offices.

With classic wooden doors, however, the problem does not arise. Their shielding capacity makes them suitable for any type of environment. Here then is that folding doors can easily delimit the toilet area, guaranteeing at the same time the right privacy but also the space savings typical of glass fixtures.

The same is true if you move within working premises. And if sliding doors can be excellent for delimiting waiting rooms in professional studios, soundproof wooden doors can be useful in recording rooms, or where it is necessary to obtain a high level of privacy.

Interior door prices suitable for all budgets

The large production of internal wooden doors has led to the proposition of many alternatives on the market. The primary consequence of this variety on offer is the presence of scalable prices, therefore suitable for all budgets.

We start from the simplest solutions, with cheap internal doors costing just over € 100, up to the alternatives of € 2,000 or more. The range of prices, therefore, is extremely wide, and this favors those looking for high quality products, but offered at advantageous costs.

The offer of internal wooden doors by Porte Italiane

Porte Italiane is active in the sale of internal wooden doors close to the needs of its customers. From classic style options to more modern options, the options are numerous and affordable.

For more information, do not hesitate to request information from our experts using the references on the contact page.