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Should you protect your home with an armored door?

You should protect your home

The home is the asset that most of all is worth protecting. For this reason, you might think about installing an armored door. After all, many burglaries are committed by burglars who break into homes by force, and it's much easier for them to do so if there isn't a minimum of security.

However, each entrance door has its own ability to prevent theft. Armored doors, in particular, are characterized as a particularly suitable choice for protecting one's home for various reasons:

    They guarantee different degrees of protection;
    They have a pleasant aesthetic;
    They feature a flexible configuration;
    The price is scalable.

Let's delve into these aspects and try to identify the reasons of greatest interest.

Porte blindate capaci di garantire sicurezza ed eleganza

They guarantee different degrees of protection

Protecting your home with an armored door is never a bad idea. On the other hand, the criminals' techniques are increasingly sophisticated, as in the case of glue-in-the-lock scams.

The windows of this type, then, allow to obtain a personalized degree of protection, which corresponds to the different types of techniques used. If classes 1 and 2 are excluded, which offer a basic level of protection, the most common choice falls on class 3, which in fact makes it possible to resist more complex break-in attempts.

Classes 4, 5 and 6 are rarer, and offer very high levels of security, not always necessary for normal domestic homes.
They have a nice aesthetic

The common idea of ​​an armored entrance door is that of a heavy, dark barrier. Simply put, it lacks class. Instead it is not so. In fact, in our catalog of armored doors at affordable prices, it is possible to find alternatives with an elegant and refined style. We provide both small doors and doors, in wood or other material, with different colors. In this way it is easy to choose the most suitable option for your home.

Opting for a design armored door can therefore prove to be the right choice even during renovations or changes of furniture. For greater security, therefore, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice style.
They feature a flexible configuration

One might think that an armored door is a monolithic structure, not very customizable. Again, this is a mistaken belief.

The fixtures offered by Porte Italiane can be modified to your liking by choosing from the many options available. Among others, we highlight:

    Insulation up to 36 dB;
    Remote activation of the latch bolt via electric strike;
    Opening through authorization sent by email;
    Installing numeric keypads for entry.

To all this are added the basic characteristics of the doors, which have:

    Security lock;
    Opening limiter;
    mobile threshold;
    Magnetic contact.

Therefore, in addition to style, there are many other customizable features of your next armored door.

The price is scalable

When one wonders whether it is convenient to protect one's home with an armored door, the first obstacle to face is often the price. The cost of these fixtures, in fact, in some cases is higher than that of a traditional door.

It is also true, however, that there are options with a decidedly scalable price, which changes according to the options chosen. Let's take for example this armored door with Natural and White Tanganyika Walnut finishes. The base price can change based on:

    Panel measurements;
    Tax rate;
    Finishes in brass or chrome.

Therefore, even that of the price is an obstacle that can be easily overcome. This should prompt you to seriously consider the purchase of an armored window.

Porta blindata elegnate e sicura da acquistare sul sito porteitaliane

The armored doors of FIP

As seen, buying an armored door is convenient for many reasons. If you still have doubts, you can contact the Porte Italiane experts on 0941 901172 and 0941 912335, or via the email address [email protected].