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Soundproof doors: the ideal solution for isolating rooms

Soundproof internal doors the ideal solution for isolating

On many occasions it is necessary to isolate the rooms from an acoustic point of view. In the recording rooms, for example, absolute silence is required, and all you can do is opt for soundproof doors. This type of fixtures, however, is particularly useful even in at first sight "unsuspected" environments. Such as accommodation facilities, public offices and private homes. So let's discover the most important characteristics of these solutions, and how they can improve the use of environments of all kinds.
Soundproof doors for public buildings

Soundproof doors for public buildings play a fundamental role. Once installed in the offices, they isolate the room from the rest of the environment, which in many cases can be noisy.

Imagine a consulting office without such a door. Communication with the public becomes more difficult, perhaps because it is interrupted by noises from outside. A loud conversation from the corridors is enough to worsen the level of service offered to citizens. Here then is that the installation of a soundproof door is the winning choice.

Contrary to popular belief, the soundproof door can be declined in different styles and approaches. The most common alternatives are the hinged ones, with single door. But in the case of public buildings, it may be useful to opt for flush-to-the-wall soundproof doors with aluminum frames.

These are resistant but at the same time light fixtures, easy to install and comfortable to use. A perfect choice for public administrations who really want to offer a level of service to citizens.

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Soundproof doors for hotels and private homes

It is not only purely professional environments that need soundproof doors. In fact, even hotels and private homes can enjoy the numerous benefits of this type of fixtures.

In a private home, for example, increasing the sound insulation of some rooms is certainly useful. In the age of smart working and working from home, being able to count on a quiet and noise-free room can be essential, both for the performance of one's duties and during meetings and meetings.

In a hotel, however, the question becomes even more important. Often the acoustic insulation of the rooms is not a parameter considered among the most important. Trying to sleep in a noisy hotel room, however, is an extremely unpleasant experience, which can ruin an entire vacation.

In these two environments, it is possible to intervene by installing flush-to-the-wall soundproof doors with wooden frames. The use of this material offers a feeling of warmth, security and stability. Emotions that we would like to associate with our home and, albeit to a lesser extent, with our hotel room.
What characteristics must soundproof windows have?

A soundproof door must absorb vibrations and mechanical waves of sound. It is therefore a question of placing a real barrier between the external and internal environment.

A fixture of this type, as a rule, is able to act on a frequency range ranging from 50 Hz to 50 kHz, with a different extension than the range audible to the human ear (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz). In this way, all possible noises are muffled, from the most acute to the most severe.

In the Porte Italiane store there are different types of soundproof doors, which are characterized by the different level of noise reduction:

    The doors with noise reduction of 30 dB are the most suitable for domestic environments, usually subject to low noise levels
    The alternatives with noise reduction of 42 or 50 dB are more suitable solutions for offices and hospitality structures, because they are able to offer a high level of insulation.

There are also 39 dB flush-to-the-wall soundproof doors. Alternatives with a unique style, able to bring elegance and functionality to any type of environment, both domestic and hospitality.

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The offer of soundproof doors of Italian Doors and soundproof doors

In Porte Italiane's catalog of soundproofed doors, you will find the right alternative for your needs. Whether it's windows for hotels, offices, public administrations or private homes, it doesn't matter. With the help of our experts, you can buy the frame of your dreams at favorable commercial conditions.

We have also expanded our range of CERTIFIED SOUNDPROOF DOORS by adding to our availability:

    27 DB soundproof door with aluminum frame suitable for hospitals, schools and other accommodation facilities;
    Soundproof door 29 DB flush with the wall model that is perfectly suited for use in your home or b & b;
    Soundproof door 32 DB flush with the wall, excellent compromise, perfect for your home, office or hotel;
    Soundproof door 41 DB flush-to-wall model with a degree of soundproofing for higher requirements such as a host structure;
    28 DB soundproof door with aluminum frame that fits very well in school structures;
    31 DB soundproof door with aluminum frame, perfect especially for hospitals;
    Soundproof door 36 DB model with aluminum frame for structures such as schools or hospitals;
    Soundproof door 39 DB with wooden frame suitable for homes or hotels
    47 DB soundproof door with wooden frame, excellent for hotels or accommodation facilities for special needs;
    50 DB soundproof door with wooden frame with a truly unique degree of soundproofing, perfect to satisfy even the most particular requests;
    37 DB soundproof door with RX wooden frame

Safety, design and extreme functionality are the characteristics that our products have in common for your spaces!
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