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Soundproofing the doors of the house: three simple remedies to do this

Soundproofing the doors of the house: three simple remedies to do this

We would all like a little more silence and peace. If you're trying to sleep better or stay focused when working at home, better soundproofing can help. In this article, then, we propose some inexpensive ways to reduce house noise with interior doors. These are simple additions that can make a big difference in a room where noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

Going into detail, we will underline three simple remedies that can be put in place to increase sound insulation. These are operations that may include the addition of new furniture elements, or the more rational use of the elements at one's disposal. Specifically, we are talking about:

Replacement of fixtures

    - Reorganization of the furnishings
    - Use of sound absorbing material

Let's go through these solutions one by one.

Door replacement

Replacing doors is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to improve the sound insulation of a room. If the walls are usually insulated or covered with materials that help block sound, in fact, the doors are usually the lightest barrier against noise and cackle.

When the door has a hollow internal structure, as can be easily understood, the sound passes through it. The soundproof doors of Porte Italiane are the best way to keep the peace, because they are made up of a greater quantity of sound-absorbing material than windows with hollow core.

Proceeding with the purchase of a new door may be too big a step. In this case, there are other small changes that can be made to block the transmission of sound within a room, such as replacing the door and rearranging the furniture. It all depends on where the sound comes from and how you want to use the space.

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Making orders between furniture and furnishings

Tidying up bedroom furniture can be as easy as controlling sleep-disturbing sounds. If you still hear the clamor of the outside hallway or the sound of the TV in the neighboring room, you may be moving a heavy drawer or bookcase towards that wall. So it is more difficult for sound to pass through the walls.

This is a small tip that, on some occasions, can still make a difference, and allow you to sleep better.

Use suitable materials

Even if you have prevented sound from entering the room, you may need to address the problem of occasional noises inside, such as echoing of telephone calls. Sound waves bouncing off hard surfaces, such as walls, floors, ceilings, and some furniture, cause the echo. The best way to improve the situation, in these cases, is to use soft and sound-absorbing materials.

It is a good idea to cover bare floors with rugs or carpets, canvas or wall hangings. It is also possible to cover the windows with soundproof curtains or thicker curtains. These are small additions that will give you peace of mind whenever you need them.

Porte Italiane's offer of technical and soundproofed doors
In Porte Italiane's catalog of soundproofed doors, you will find the right alternative for your needs. Whether it's windows for hotels, offices, public administrations or private homes, it doesn't matter. With the help of our experts, you can buy the frame of your dreams at favorable commercial conditions.

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We have also expanded our range of CERTIFIED SOUNDPROOF DOORS by adding to our availability:

- 27 DB soundproof door with aluminum frame suitable for hospitals, schools and other accommodation facilities;

- Soundproof door 29 DB flush with the wall model that is perfectly suited for use in your home or b & b;

- Soundproof door 32 DB flush with the wall, excellent compromise, perfect for your home, office or hotel;

- Soundproof door 41 DB flush-to-wall model with a degree of soundproofing for higher requirements such as a host structure;

- 28 DB soundproof door with aluminum frame that fits very well in school structures;

- 31 DB soundproof door with aluminum frame, perfect especially for hospitals;
  Soundproof door 36 DB model with aluminum frame for structures such as schools or hospitals;

- Soundproof door 39 DB with wooden frame suitable for homes or hotels
   47 DB soundproof door with wooden frame, excellent for hotels or accommodation facilities for special needs;

- 50 DB soundproof door with wooden frame with a truly unique degree of soundproofing, perfect to satisfy even the most particular requests;

- 37 DB soundproof door with RX wooden frame

Safety, design and extreme functionality are the characteristics that unite our products for your spaces!
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