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Flush-to-wall mirrored doors

Patent Magnetic Lock included in the price

External mirror with silver handle

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€987.54 (tax incl.)
Panel size
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
Direction of opening
  • Choose the direction of opening
  • Spingere a Destra - Raso Muro
  • Spingere a Sinistra - Raso Muro
  • Tirare a Destra - Raso Muro
  • Tirare a Sinistra - Raso Muro
  • VAT al 4%
  • VAT at 10%
  • VAT at 22% (Ordinary)
  • On brick walls
  • On plasterboard walls
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Door Flush-to-wall

Door flush-to-wall Porte invisibile  CONTACT THE EXPERT OF FLUSH-TO-WALL DOORS

Door flush-to-wall is the ideal counterframe to merge door and environment into one thing. This invisible door was created to be installed easily and quickly on plasterboard or plasterboard walls, it can be applied to existing floors or to be built and is ideal for renovation works. It looks like a door without architraves, so much so that it is called the retractable door. Our RasoMuro door has a very robust aluminum structure (core) and a modern and minimalist design. The invisible door panel is shipped ready to paint, the hinges are concealed, with magnetic lock. On request, we can apply the LINVISIBILE total concealed magnetic lock.

Technical characteristics of the invisible door

 invisible doors with wallpaper applied

Make your dream come true ... imagine a house without edges, without skirting boards and protruding doors; a house full of light and personality .... with INVISIBLE DOORS.

Thanks to the invisible concealed hinges and the strong thickness and the jamb of the invisible aluminum doors, it is able to integrate into the wall with perfect minimalism. This flush door develops its own originality and uniqueness: minimalism, brightness, lightness..

 wall-mounted door, particular aluminum frame Frame core in passivated extruded aluminum (alloy EN AW 6060- Anticorodal 063) which replaces the box (padding-jamb) with plaster-carrying net in klevar, avoids the onset (even after years) of unsightly cracks between the wall and the invisible door.
 door flush with soundproofingRetractable door panel has a honeycomb structure with a total thickness of mm. 54 made with perimeter frame in solid wood and SOUNDPROOFING with high density polyestyrene inside covered with 2 sheets of Class 1 smoothed MDF with low formaldehyde emission.
 invisible doors anti-noise sealThe rabbet gasket in invisible doors is made of soft rubber, which makes closing silent.
 invisible doors with concealed hinges

The hinges of the invisible doors are 3D adjustable in the three axes, in the THREE directions, tested for n. 200,000 cycles. The adjustment allows to adjust the door in height, width and depth.

Hinges for invisible doors Certified for n. 200,000 cycles and fire resistant 30 minutes (EN-16342)

invisible pocket doors with handle

The lock of the invisible concealed door is magnetic with a key hole (also available in the versions with pawl hole and cylinder hole). On request are applicable: lock key hole / cylinder hole and pawl hole, roller lock, anti-panic lock, and / or with electric strike, safety lock with electric or mechanical strike.

Lock for retractable door Certified for n. 50,000 cycles.

 invisible door opening senses right or left

Sense of openness choose the opening direction of the flush-to-wall doors.

 retractable doors the invisible size

Dimensions of invisible doors.

Here are some of our solutions for the Rasomuro door

Solutions... of invisible doors

Invisible doorsThe invisible doors with wallpaper are the innovative system of doors that are completely flush with the wall without jambs, architraves and frames use invisible hinges and if covered with wallpaper like the wall makes the door totally invisible.
 Invisible doors with mirror applied

The flush-to-wall door with mirror continuity between wall and mirror..

 invisible bias wall doorFlush-to-wall door
 invisible doors painted as the wallInvisible retractable door painted like the wall
 invisible doors with boiserieInvisible door with boiserie

Opzioni del porte invisibili

Optional ... of invisible doors

 invisible doors with invisible lockInvisible handle applied to invisible mirror door.
 invisible door with retractable lockInvisible handle completely flush this handle highlights the invisibility of the pocket door.
 invisible door with invisible lock and pawl

Invisible handle with pawl suitable for bathrooms or in all the solutions where you want to lock.


electric strike

ELECTRIC MEETING for invisible door it is 12 Volts for remote activation of the latch, useful in all those cases where you do not want to see anything, not even the handle or key !!

flush door with invisible shock absorber

The application of the Concealed Door Closer is optimal without any lock, a particularly effective solution from an aesthetic point of view (push door model) because, without any lock and handle, the total invisibility of the invisible door is obtained.

Retractable door closers can find an enormous number of applications and its extreme versatility can suggest innovative solutions of total invisibility.

Resistente al fuoco per un'ora, secondo la norma europea BS EN 1634/2000. CERTIFICATO CE (EN 1121) CERTIFICATO (CF370)



Lock for retractable door Certified for n. 50,000 cycles


certified for n. 200,000 cycles and fire resistant 30 minutes (EN-16342)

differences between the brick and plasterboard versions of the flush-to-wall door

Masonry or plasterboard ... of invisible doors

 Invisible doors push brickwork versionInvisible doors version push masonry
 Invisible doors version pull masonryInvisible doors pull version masonry
 Invisible doors version push plasterboardInvisible doors version to push plasterboard
 Invisible doors version pull plasterboardInvisible doors version pull plasterboard

Assembly instructions for the door flush with the wall, plasterboard version

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Product Details

Easy assembly of the door flush with the wall or flush with the wall

Easy assembly of the door flush with the wall or flush with the wall

Elegance and charm of the door flush with the wall or flush with the wall. Here is the short tutorial on assembling the invisible door. Mounting the door flush with the wall is simple.