White Flush-to-wall Bookcase Door

The flush-to-the-wall bookcase door is the ideal modular solution for separating two rooms and making access invisible, taking advantage of the elegance of a modern bookcase.

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€1,166.17 (tax incl.)
Panel size
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
Direction of opening
  • Tirare a Destra - Raso Muro
  • Tirare a Sinistra - Raso Muro
  • VAT at 10%
  • VAT at 22% (Ordinary)
COLORS customization
  • Bianco Standard
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Bookcase door flush with the wall

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 wall level bookcase door       wall level bookcase door   
One of the dreams shared by book lovers is to have a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase. A private place where you can hide and immerse yourself in reading away from the outside world. 
measurements    opening library
Access is via a hidden door / bookcase behind which there is a small reading room that no one knows. 
A sort of closet for the city of Narnia that instead of transporting you to a world of fantasy you take to a private room ..

For you, dear readers and book lovers, what is your favorite secret passage?

This children's bookcase seems normal in appearance until you discover what it's hiding: a secret niche in which to hole up to read a good book. 

 door flush with wall bookcase    door flush with wall bookcase

A sort of soft den, warm and welcoming, ready to host a real "reading animal"

We usually mount the magnet lock (completely invisible on the outside).
 flush door

But we can also mount:

the magnetic lock, (also available in versions with pawl hole and cylinder hole). On request are applicable: lock key hole / cylinder hole and pawl hole, roller lock, anti-panic lock, and / or with electric strike, safety lock with electric or mechanical strike.
 adjustable hinge
3D adjustable hinges in the three axes, in the THREE directions, tested for n. 200,000 cycles. The adjustment allows you to adjust the door in height, width and depth.

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