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Hidden sliding door in glass

Hidden door in glass sliding inside the wall

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€390.97 (tax excl.)
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  • Vero Legno - Bianco
  • Vero Legno - RAL
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  • 1A - A sinistra
  • 2A - A destra
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Misura Vetro
  • 60x210x0,8
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  • 80x210x0,8
  • 90x210x0,8
  • 100x210x0,8
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Sliding glass door inside the wall

Sliding glass door inside the wallportoncino blindato prezzi CONTACT The expert of sliding glass doors prices

porta a scomparsa in vetro porta scomparsa in vetro con disegno porta scorrevole vetro

A retractable glass door with SATIN glass or with frosted glass and transparent lines or with frosted glass and sandblasted designs. To make the most of the little space available, to characterize the furniture even more or to distribute the light more evenly if the rooms are small: these are just some of the cases in which to insert a retractable glass door. ..between living area and kitchen area it can be a functional and creative choice! The internal wall sliding glass doors are functional and beautiful to look at, with the white frame.

Technical characteristics of the glass door inside the wall.

Choose from our solutions, retractable doors in transparent glass or all satin or with sandblasted decorations.

After considering the space on which the door will be mounted and taking the measurements, you must rely on your personal taste to choose the type of door and the glass processing. Here are some of the solutions you can find on our retractable glass door site.

TYPE: Internal sliding doors series inside the suitable for concealed counterframe DIERRE ECLISSE SCRIGNO DOORTECH DE FAVERI etc. DOOR Tempered glass SATIN or SATIN WITH TRANSPARENT STRIPES or SATIN WITH SANDBLASTED DESIGNS from MM. 10, with a pair of chromed handles.

PLIERS: In anodized aluminum for glass locking.

ATTENTION WE HAVE THE AVAILABILITY OF THIS SIZE ONLY per controtelaio a scomparsa da 90 x 210

Discover the glass pocket doors available and buy online with delivery to your home!

porta scomparsa per controtelaio scrigno

Disappearing sliding door with frosted glass in this solution the glass is all satin, the frame and the architraves are in White.

porte scorrevoli esterno muro vetro trasparente

This is what the disappearing sliding door with satin glass looks like completely closed, the frame and the architraves are in white.

porte in vetro scorrevoli vetro satinatoDisappearing sliding door with sandblasted glass and transparent lines in this solution with the lines of the glass you can see in transparency, the frame and the architraves are in White.
porta vetro con righe a scomparsaThis is how the disappearing sliding door with sandblasted glass with transparent lines looks completely closed, the frame and the architraves are in white.
porte scomparsa in vetro telaio bianco

Disappearing sliding door with frosted glass and sandblasted design in this solution the glass is all satin and with an even more marked designs, the frame and the architraves are in White.

The sandblasting design can be chosen, in the models proposed below. After purchasing the door just specify in the notes and we will create the chosen design for you!

porta a scomparsa vetro sabbiato con disegniThis is what the EVOFLOWERTWO satin glass door and sandblasted design looks like, the frame and the architraves are in white.
come prendere le misure della porta a vetro scomparsa

These are the measures to check, we'll take care of the rest.

Disappearing sliding door, here's how to measure the retractable subframe.

modulo rilevamento misure porta scomparsaOPEN and DOWNLOAD the Measurement module of the retractable glass door
controtelaio a scomparsa scrigno per porte in vetro

If you also want to buy the retractable counter frame...go to the hidden subframe.


Here is what we provide you in the glass pocket door

What we supply of internal wall concealed glass doors

porta scorrevole esterno muro in vetroThe retractable glass door comes with all accessories. You won't have to buy anything apart.
telaio in legno per porte scomparsa vetro

The frame and the trims of the sliding glass door are in white.

All other finishes are available with a surcharge of € 20.00

porta in vetro scorrevole maniglietta tonda inox

Complete with round stainless steel handles for retractable glass door.

pinze per porta a scomparsa a vetroComplete with glass clips to hook the retractable glass door.
imballo porta a scomparsa in vetroHere is the type of packaging we use for shipping the retractable glass door

Features retractable glass doors
porta vetro trasparente temperato scorrevoleTransparent glass for sliding door
porta vetro scorrevole vetro satinato o acidatoTransparent glass for sliding door
porte scorrevoli in vetro disegnoCustom sandblasted glass for external sliding glass door
Glass finishes of sliding glass doors
porte scorrevoli esterno muro vetri sabbiati a disegno
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