Door in Ashlar Veneer art 302

In the colors Cherry / National Walnut / Natural Tanganyika Walnut
For pocket doors, the opening direction is indifferent
The standard handle is included

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€632.10 (tax incl.)
Choose the Color
  • Laminato - Ciliegio
  • Laminato - Noce Nazionale
  • Laminato - Tanganica Naturale
Panel size
  • 60x210x11
  • 70x210x11
  • 80x210x11
  • 90x210x11
Direction of opening
  • Right
  • Left
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  • VAT at 10%
  • VAT at 22% (Ordinary)
Hardware finish
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Door in Ashlar Veneer - Interior doors

door in the finishes of your choice: Cherry / National walnut / Natural thong walnut


Water resistant door       


Series 302 FIP · Stipiti in listellare abete doppia anima da mm. 40 con guarnizione in gomma, impiallacciati in tranciato di legno, mostrine ad incastro da mm 70 x 10 impiallacciate in tranciato di legno. · Pannello porta costituito da telaio perimetrale in legno abete listellare essiccato e giuntato con rinforzi serratura, nido d'ape in listellare di abete essiccato e giuntato, supporto in MDF da mm. 3,5, spessore pannello mm. 44. Bordi a semplice battuta verniciatura ciclo poliestere rivestimento in tranciato di legno. · Bugna Superiore (se prevista) impiallacciata in tranciato di legno, con cornice in abura massiccio. · Bugna inferiore (se prevista) impiallacciata in tranciato di legno, con cornice in abura massiccio. · Cerniere pomelles ottone lucido. · Imballo con cellofan trasparente e pluribol
Serratura in ottone compresa con chiave

Door measurements


We are the first company to offer a one-of-a-kind solution.
The frame and covering strips are waterproof and water resistant After a certain number of years, the jambs and covering strips could deteriorate.
By introducing our technology, there is no risk regarding any aesthetic and/or structural damage.

The frame and the covering strip are made of wood and treated waterproof HDF.




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With our short tutorial on assembling interior swing doors, assembling them will be extremely easy. In fact, you can install them directly using the DIY technique.