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How to avoid heat loss from external doors?

How to avoid heat loss from external doors?

How to avoid heat loss from external doors?

Keeping the home warm and costs low is a top priority for many people as energy costs increase year on year. One of the main causes of heat loss is external doors, which can cause the house to drop in temperature. By applying special protections around the windows, it is possible to save tens of euros per year. The same result can be achieved by running the heating at a lower temperature thanks to the reduction of drafts.

The good news is that once you understand where heat is being lost, steps can be taken to prevent heat loss. Here are some common causes of heat loss through external doors, along with remedies. Rather simple operations to carry out and able to guarantee optimal results in most situations.

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The drafts of the letterboxes

On many occasions, the loss of heat in areas of the house such as corridors is due to an unsuspected enemy: the letter box. This is a very common scenario in countries like the United States, where such a solution is widespread, but it could be of interest to anyone who has chosen to receive their mail in this original way.

It is not difficult to see why this is a problem. After all, a letterbox is a hole in the door. What can be done then? It is good to know that the options available to you are inexpensive and easy to install.

The simplest thing to do is to buy an external letterbox, and seal the one inserted into the door. If you do not want to operate such a drastic remedy, it is possible to act on the hole by purchasing specific models of reinforced letterboxes, with brushes and upper protections against drafts.

Limit losses at door edges

The gaps around the edges of the doors can allow drafts to pass. There are many alternatives to avoid this: the seal between the door and the frame, for example, can be improved by installing foam strips. These are often available in rolls and can be purchased at most DIY stores.

Alternatively, you can equip yourself with a device such as a draft excluder, to be permanently fixed to the lower part of the door. Or you can opt for a home remedy, creating a sort of "sausage" with old and unused cloths to be placed right at the base of the frame.

If you are on a higher budget, of course, you may want to consider investing in a new door. With a careful and precise installation, all possible holes between the walls and the frame will be closed, avoiding any draft.

Here is also our simple and intuitive tutorial for our mobile draft excluder threshold.
What exactly is it? It is a device equipped with a gasket that allows you to close the space between the floor and the door and are distinguished by the degree of tightness to air, water, noise and even fire.

As you can also see in the video with some tests it is easy to understand the right degree of adjustment of the threshold.

The sealing of the doors with glass inserts

People are often unaware that glass door inserts can be a source of heat loss. After intense use, especially over a prolonged period of time, the tightness of the glazed areas may show signs of subsidence, with consequent drafts.

Entrance doors with double or triple glazing are more energy efficient than those with single glazing, and therefore are the most effective way to avoid heat loss. If you have an old door and cannot get it repainted, you can apply a few layers of plastic film to the glass. The cling film found in the kitchen is a quick and easy option, or you can buy the thick plastic at hardware stores.

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