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Interior doors prices: 5 factors to consider before buying

Interior doors prices: 5 factors to consider

The prices of interior doors are undoubtedly one of the most important parameters to evaluate before buying. Leaving aside the stylistic and functional issues, there is no doubt that one's choice must fall within a defined budget.

Here the cost of the fixture often plays a decisive role. Understanding better what are the factors that determine the various prices, therefore, can help you choose the best.
What are the factors that influence the prices of interior doors?

It is difficult to summarize the different parameters that determine the price of a door. In addition to intrinsic factors, i.e. relating precisely to the type of door, there are the changing market conditions, the cost of transport and a whole series of other variables to consider.

However, limiting ourselves to considering the most important items, these seem to be the parameters to keep in mind before buying:

    Panel measurements;

Let's analyze them individually.

Meccanismi di apertura delle porte interne

The door opening mechanism

Summarizing the speech to the maximum, it is possible to say that there are three types of opening of the most common doors on the market: hinged, folding and sliding.

The first option is also the most used, and sees the movement of the door towards the inside of the bedroom. Given the structural and conceptual simplicity, swing doors are usually the ones with the lowest cost.

The folding doors follow, ideal for when there is little space available, as we wrote in our dedicated article. In this type of window and door, the panels overlap and fold back on themselves. The price, in this case, is higher than that of the hinged alternatives, but still affordable.

Lastly, the sliding doors, particularly elegant and intuitive to use. These are slightly more expensive alternatives, especially in the case of internal sliding frames, in which the sash slides inside the walls.
The building materials

Another factor that strongly affects the price of interior doors is the materials. Let's see a brief summary of the various options available:

    Wood: the classic, traditional alternative, suitable for all environments. It is difficult to give a definitive judgment on the price of these fixtures, given the variety of types. They range from laminate, very accessible, to solid wood, more resistant but with higher costs;
    PVC: the economic material par excellence, ideal for house doors, which combines resistance and great customization possibilities;
    Glass: elegance, modernity and style blend perfectly in glass doors. The prices, in this case, depend on the structure of the door, for example on the presence or absence of aluminum frames.

misure dei pannelli delle porte

Panel measurements

It is rather intuitive to consider that higher panel sizes correspond to higher costs. The why is simple to understand. A large door is more complex to produce, if only due to the fact that it requires more raw materials.

One more reason, this, to measure carefully the hole in which your next door will be inserted. Buying too large a window not only makes installation complicated, but also costs more.
VAT rates

The VAT rate varies according to the type of purchase. Here are the three cases:

    4% VAT: applicable in the case of the purchase of fixtures as part of the construction, extension or completion of the first home;
    10% VAT: applies in case of supply and installation of doors and windows by subjects other than the building company that builds to resell the property;
    22% VAT: the ordinary option, applicable in all other cases.

Those reported are not the only cases in which reduced rates apply. For more information, ask our experts for an opinion thanks to our assistance service via Whatsapp.

It goes without saying that the presence of accessories can affect the cost of an internal door. Among all, the handle is the one that presents the most important expense. Choosing the correct type of handle, then, becomes fundamental. To get a clearer idea on the subject, read our special: "Interior Door Handles: guide to choosing and the various models".

una vasta scelta di porte interne sul sito porte italiane

Fip's range of interior doors

Many cost factors also mean flexibility. The windows and doors offered by Porte Italiane offer decidedly scalable prices that react dynamically to changes in size, colour, accessories and tax regime.

Browse our catalog of doors, and for any information do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected].