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Glass doors

Internal Sliding Doors: all the secrets of these unique fixtures

The prices and features of interior sliding doors have changed over the years. Once everything was simpler, today the picture has expanded significantly. In fact, there are several alternatives in terms of shapes and...

Modern interior doors: the guide to the most correct choice

The ideal design of modern interior doors must take into account factors such as budget, size and choice of materials

Frosted glass: all the secrets of this precious material

Frosted glass is a valuable material and widely used in the manufacture of doors. It is popular for use in homes, offices and even restaurants

Italian Doors Configurators: create your fixtures

Creating doors tailored to your needs sometimes seems to be an impossible task. There are too many factors to consider, let us guide you!

Glass Partition Wall Configurator: the whole procedure

Partition walls: The potential of glass in home furnishings is almost infinite. Think of all the types of house doors that can be purchased in the Porte Italiane catalog

Sliding Glass Doors Configurator: design your windows

Sliding glass doors are able to bring elegance to any type of environment. To the innate sense of lightness and refinement of glass, in fact, they add all the dynamism of the sliding mechanism.

Interior doors of the house: when, how and why to clean them

Are you looking for ways to keep the charm of your home intact? A good idea is to give the interior doors a good clean.Read our tips to find out how to keep the window frames clean.