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Modern and classic doors: can they coexist in the same house?

Modern and classic doors: can they coexist in the same house?

Modern and classic doors

Interior doors contribute to the overall style of a home's décor. They not only separate the rooms, but also offer privacy and give style to the whole environment. The combination of modern doors and ancient doors, in this regard, is becoming an increasingly widespread habit. This is an approach chosen by many companies and consumers, because mixing can make a space more interesting and complex.

As in all things, however, it is necessary to act with criterion and judgment. If you don't want your home to end up looking like a hodgepodge of different styles, consider applying one or more of the tips below.
Paint the doors the same color

One way to add some cohesion to mixed-age doors is to paint or color all the fixtures in the affected room the same hue. This is a relatively simple solution that will allow you to continue using modern and classic doors for many years. A sort of trick that will uniform the appearance of the fixtures, mitigating what may be the inevitable differences due to the different style.

The choice of color, in this regard, is a particularly interesting topic. We talked about it extensively in our special on how to choose the right color for the doors of the house.
Match modern door handles with classic door handles

The second trick of the trade is to simply change the m's

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handles of the doors of the house to match them with the new ones. Again, this is a relatively simple solution that will allow you to use existing doors for many years to come. It takes up the same basic concept of the previous advice, that is to standardize the color of the various fixtures in the house.

The impact may be subtle, but it can still add a sense of unity to your home's style. For the handles and details it is advisable to use the same style and the same finish, even if they do not necessarily have to be identical. Just a little sense of proportion is enough.

Give space to the imagination

The third tip is to give space to the imagination! If ancient and modern doors all the same color aren't your thing, why not go the completely opposite direction? You can add a dose of personality to a room by using very different interior doors. If you choose this approach, it is still important to respect the basic style already present in the furniture. The secret to effectively use both old and new furniture, in fact, is to treat each piece (and therefore also the doors) as part of an organic whole.

Finding a balance between vintage and contemporary furniture will make you get an original and personalized space, which harmoniously combines both traditional and more modern doors.

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Glass doors? Here is the perfect alternative

A glass door is one of the best ways to welcome your friends or guests and let natural light into your home at the same time. By now glass has a very successful design in every home or work environment, in fact it helps to keep the environment bright and spacious!
There are many alternatives, frosted glass doors, with or without design!
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