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Security doors, how to protect your home? All the info

Security doors, how to protect your home?

One of the most popular ways to improve the security of your home is by adding armored doors. Depending on the type of house, there are different types of doors that can be installed. In any case, the main difference between traditional forms of locking mechanism and an armored door is that it provides additional protection against attackers.

An armored door is designed to be resistant to break-ins. This means you don't have to worry about someone entering your home through the garage or front door. So let's find out how these special fixtures can protect a home.
How do security doors work?

An armored door is a type of door that protects people inside a building. These fixtures can be used both in commercial contexts and in homes. Their main purpose is to provide protection against any type of break-in attempt, from simple screwdrivers to bullets and bombs. The latter are borderline cases, evidently linked to public places of strategic interest.

An armored door is therefore the perfect solution in many cases, but it could also be accompanied by other options. In fact, to make sure that your home is protected, you can use multiple levels of defense. A combination of different devices can be used for this. In this regard, in our catalog, we offer home automation solutions for armored doors that allow easy door management, so as to guarantee access only under certain conditions. Ideal alternatives not only for commercial environments, but also for domestic and residential ones.

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Main characteristics of armored entrance doors

The external security door is used to protect against break-in attempts of any kind. It is made of resistant and durable materials, in order to be able to cope with intrusion attempts by malicious people.

If you want to protect yourself, you have to choose the right type of armor. A sturdy frame, thick metal and reinforced hinges are some of the main features of an armored door. It is thanks to these elements that this type of door is more resistant than normal ones.

The main feature of the armored house door, in any case, is the protection from invaders and criminals. Depending on the amount of protection you need for your home, it can be available in different varieties. You can choose between solid metal or honeycomb steel doors. There is a range of options that also cover items like locks, hinges, handles and so on.
Advantages of armored doors

Greater protection of the building is one of the advantages that armored doors can offer. It is difficult to break into a security door because it resists most attacks. The design is very robust and durable. The thickness of the armor of these doors can reach up to 10 cm: this makes them stronger and more resistant to damage. They are capable of coping with attacks with bullets, knives, hammers, axes, awls, drills and much more.

Most homes are not protected by any security system and this makes them vulnerable to break-ins. If you want to be safe, you need to invest in advanced systems such as security doors, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your family during the night.

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Adjust the hinges of an armored door

How to adjust a security door in height by acting on the hinges?
We remove the caps with a slotted screwdriver, once equipped with an 8 mm hex wrench we act on the hinge by tightening it, we repeat this operation also for the upper hinge.

Here is our simple and intuitive tutorial, within our youtube channel you will also find many tutorials and guides that will simplify the assembly of your doors!

Porte Italiane's offer of armored doors

Porte Italiane offers a wide selection of security doors, in a selection that includes products such as:

    Traditional armored doors
    Modern armored doors
    Pantographed armored vehicles
    Armored with home automation
    Soundproofed armored doors

For more information on security door prices and security door offers, we are always available at 0941901172 and 0941 912335, or at the email address [email protected].