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Our ideas for transforming your home thanks to doors

5 ideas to transform your home thanks to internal doors

The design of the fixtures can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of the whole house. This is true both with regard to the external elements, such as the entrance doors, but also the internal ones, such as the bedroom and living room doors. So let's see how to transform your home using the properties of the fixtures. We have identified five possible strategies, namely:

    Expand the spaces with glass doors
    Modernize environments with modern doors
    Password: originality
    Take advantage of double-leaf doors
    Pay attention to the entrance door

Let's analyze them one by one.

porte interne

Expand the spaces with glass doors

A glass door is a great way to welcome guests and let in natural light at the same time. When used in the kitchen, the glazed windows manage to give an evident sensation of warmth.

At the same time, it is possible to exploit this type of doors also in other "unsuspected" areas of the house, as we explained in our special on doors for bedrooms.
Modernize environments with modern doors

Houses with a few years on their backs can take advantage of an elegant and traditional door, a classic hinged model with a wooden door. It is also true, however, that in some cases it would be desirable to dare a little more, perhaps by choosing an original color. Shades such as lime green, bright yellow, orange or blue add a touch of personality to the whole environment, especially in the doors that lead onto the bedrooms and bedrooms.

By choosing a hinged door but with a lively tone, you can combine tradition and originality, for a decidedly particular result.
Password: originality

Doors are a vital part of a home. Their purpose is to offer the transition between two environments, organizing the spaces in the best possible way. They can be simple and elegant or elaborate and beautiful, but one thing is always certain: a little originality is needed.

A very sober and traditional house can be transformed immediately by installing sliding doors, which are decidedly modern and easy to use. Or you can think of a folding door for a badly used closet. In short, there are many ideas: the important thing is to give space to the imagination without distorting the style already present in the home.
Take advantage of double-leaf doors

Folding doors are charming and are a great way to bring some fresh air into your home. As in the case of any improvement project, it is essential to carefully consider the color of the doors before purchasing them, and above all the space that the doors will occupy when the window is opened.

With a minimum of criteria and attention, a decidedly positive result can be achieved by modernizing areas of the house - such as closets or secondary bedrooms - that are too penalized.
Pay attention to the entrance door

No wonder the front door is a focal point in a home. A beautiful door is often an expression of the owner's style, and is an opportunity to add interest and individuality to your home.

In this case, however, it is a good idea to make sure the door works properly, paying attention to details once again. The basic indications are always the same: choose quality products that do not crack or break, always use appropriate handles, carry out the correct maintenance. By paying attention to these small details it will be possible to increase the functionality - as well as the safety - of the whole house.

Secret bookcase door, a hidden room!

Are you looking for something unique instead?
Bookcase door ..... One of the dreams shared by book lovers is to have a secret passage hidden behind a bookcase. A private place where you can hide and immerse yourself in reading away from the outside world.

The flush-to-the-wall secret door is the ideal modular solution for separating two rooms and making access invisible, taking advantage of the elegance of a modern bookcase.
Access is via a hidden library door behind which there is a small reading room that no one knows. A sort of wardrobe for the city of Narnia that instead of transporting you to a fantasy world, takes you to a private room!

Also take a look at our explanatory video!

porta libreria

Enhance your home with the doors of Porte Italiane

The internal or external doors are able to enhance the spaces of your home. To purchase your next door or window, you can refer to the Porte Italiane catalog, which has been designing and marketing solutions for domestic and professional environments for years.

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