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Windowless rooms: Increase the light with interior doors

Rooms without windows: how to increase the light

Rooms without windows are environments that are difficult to manage. The lack of a point of contact with the outside can make them rather dark, gloomy, even suffocating in some cases.

It is very important, then, to make full use of the lighting coming from the other rooms. In the past we have already talked about the importance of natural light in the home, and the ways to make the most of it. Today we therefore want to focus on a particular case, that of rooms without windows, which can be made more livable and pleasant by installing some specific types of internal doors.

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Porte interne con vano vetro

Doors with glass compartment, ideal for rooms without windows

When you have a room without a window that you want to illuminate, but without letting in much light, the ideal alternative seems to be a door with a glass compartment.

This type of fixture combines the benefits of traditional swing doors with the peculiarities of a glass door. They are easy to assemble and use, their appearance is extremely elegant, and the presence of glass inserts lets a fair amount of light through. Privacy is not a problem, given that the majority of the panels we offer in our catalog are in frosted glass.

The price fits all budgets, while the customization possibilities are high. Browse through our proposal for doors with glass compartment on our online shop.
Glass swing doors, for a triumph of light

If next to a room without a window you are lucky enough to have a room that opens onto the outside, for example through a balcony, the almost obligatory choice is to focus on glass doors.

This type of fixtures is declined in different variants. If it is a question of delimiting a studio, one of the best choices is certainly the glass swing door. As we wrote in the article "Interior doors for working from home: how to choose the right one", this choice ensures the right privacy and offers plenty of light.

Also in this case, the presence of sandblasted or satin glass panels still guarantees a minimum of confidentiality. The passage of light is total, and allows you to obtain natural lighting even in rooms without any contact with the outside.

Please also visit our offer of glass swing doors.

Porte scorrevoli in vetro

Sliding glass doors, practical and bright

Sliding doors look good in any area of ​​the house. Even in the rest room, as we explained in "Sliding door: 5 reasons to install it in the bedroom".

In the case of rooms without windows, the choice can undoubtedly fall on sliding doors with glass doors. This type of fixture brings with it numerous advantages. First of all, the practicality of use, and especially the saving of space.

If the room to be illuminated is small, as well as being without windows, installing a sliding glass door will give you two benefits in one move. In fact, these windows do not require much space to be installed. And if the internal versions "disappear" inside the walls, the external ones run parallel to the walls, for a minimum encumbrance.

An ideal alternative to delimit a study or a relaxation room, very often available in models that can be customized with motifs and designs. More information on these products is available on the page dedicated to sliding glass doors.

In addition, we have various configurators available
Among which you can also find our configurator for glass doors, select your size, the doors and immediately receive an updated quote directly to your email.

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Bring new light into your home with Fip

As seen, the options for lighting a room without windows through doors are different. Depending on the intended use of the room, it is possible to opt for doors with a more or less shielding capacity, and with different operating mechanisms. The important thing, beyond the model, is to understand how much light you want to let into the room, and how the space at your disposal will be used.

For information and suggestions on your next door, feel free to send us your request. Just send an email to [email protected].