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Natural light in the house: benefits and how to increase it with interior doors

Natural light in the house

Natural light in the home is an element that should never be missing. In summer, it brings joy and the desire to go out. During the winter, the sun's rays can help warm up the coldest days.

It's not just about heat and temperature management. The light coming from the outside has numerous effects on emotions, as well as on the body.

In this article we will explain how to take advantage of natural light in the home thanks to interior doors, also examining the real advantages that can be obtained from this precious element.

benefici della luce naturale in casa

The benefits of natural light in the home

The light coming from outside is an extremely positive factor. In addition to illuminating environments, its favorable effects reverberate on the physical as well as the psychological sphere. Limiting ourselves to the primary benefits, here is a list of the positive properties of natural light:

    Helps produce dopamine, which improves eye development and health;
    Increases serotonin, with a consequent improvement in mood;
    Increases vitamin D levels, which favors - among other things - maintaining stable levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood;
    Improve productivity;
    Helps fight seasonal affective disorder (the so-called "winter depression");
    It can help you sleep better;

How to increase natural light

Considering the many positive sides of external light, one might wonder how to try to improve its presence in the home. Some of the remedies are very simple:

    Choose light colors for walls and furniture;
    Hanging mirrors and reflective surfaces;
    Apply a few curtains to the windows;
    Install – where possible – skylights;

Among the most effective interventions to be carried out, then, there is undoubtedly the installation of internal doors. Some types of fixtures, in fact, allow you to manage the light in an excellent way, improving the quality and quantity of lighting present in the various rooms.

the most suitable internal doors to take advantage of the light in the house

le porte interne più adatte per sfruttare la luce in casa

The most suitable doors to take advantage of the light in the house

Among the many types of interior doors on the market, at least three are the most suitable for making the most of the light coming from outside:

    Glass doors;
    Doors with glass inserts;
    Folding doors.

It is evident that glass doors are those capable of letting the greatest amount of light through during the various seasons. All the variants appear to be suitable for the purpose: the hinged ones, the sliding ones, and even the retractable ones. The concern about the possible lack of privacy disappears when you choose models with sandblasted or satin panels, or with special decorations.

At the same time, doors with glass inserts can also help make better use of natural light. Although the presence of the frame or other elements decreases the level of lighting, the fact remains that they are still reliable and elegant solutions. Fixtures suitable for both domestic and professional environments, also available in a retractable version or with a traditional hinged structure.

Lastly, the folding doors. In this case, the discussion becomes more complex. On the one hand, this type of frame allows total light shielding – something that glass doors do not allow. On the other hand, however, they easily give way to obtain the desired lighting thanks to easy operation. The door that folds back on itself allows you to easily establish how much light to let in, for an optimal result.

riverniciare le porte interne

An alternative for homes with little light: paint the interior doors

Unfortunately, not all houses have such important light points as to illuminate entire rooms or a large part of the house. In these cases, it is possible to take advantage of the little natural light at your disposal by painting the internal doors. Obviously, light colors should be preferred, capable of enhancing natural lighting.

To find out how to paint your windows correctly, read our special: "How to paint interior doors: procedures and advice."
Take advantage of natural light with the proposals of Porte Italiane

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