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Transform your home into a smart home in 5 steps; that's how

Transform your home into a smart home in 5 steps: here's how

Technology comes to the rescue of those who want to customize their home easily. In this sense, the term "smart home" has become increasingly common, and contains many possible solutions to make every home more intelligent.

Let's find out, then, five quick ways to increase the functionality of your home in all simplicity thanks to home automation:Use smart speakers

Employ intelligent detectors

Install technologically advanced doorbells

Create a sophisticated lighting system

Take advantage of the latest generation thermostats

Take advantage of our home automation and energy saving systems

Casa domotica smarthome

Use smart speakers

Smart speakers are probably the most used and appreciated home automation solutions. These are devices that can perform numerous operations. For example, playing music, or performing preset routines.

But smart speakers can also interact with the rest of the smart appliances in the home. In fact, a device of this type is enough to build a small home automation system that includes smart bulbs, remotely controllable air conditioners and surveillance systems that act according to pre-set scenarios.

Employ intelligent detectors

Smart detectors are advanced solutions for the safety of the whole family. Once set up correctly, such a device can issue notifications and alerts when something is wrong inside the house. An excellent remedy in case of gas leaks, or in the event of carbon monoxide leaks.

The most advanced models provide for sophisticated detection systems. On the market, however, there are also cheaper alternatives that connect directly with your smartphone. This way, you can receive mobile notifications when you are away from home. In the moment in which something is wrong with the right rod, like this, you will have everything under control.
Install technologically advanced doorbells

To increase the security of the whole house, a possible solution is to install a smart doorbell. These devices, now available at affordable prices, include cameras that allow you to identify who is showing up on the doorstep. On some occasions, you can even set up custom alerts when movement is detected in front of the door, complete with short videos showing what happens just outside the home.

Many times, smart doorbells also include speakers that allow you to interact with potential guests. In some models, interaction can even take place via the smartphone, in fact allowing you to answer the doorbell even if you are away from home.
Create a sophisticated lighting system
Creating your own home automation lighting system is particularly simple. All you need is a smart speaker and some smart bulbs. The latter connect to the home Wi-Fi network and therefore can be controlled in various ways. For example via smartphone, through dedicated apps, but also via voice, using smart speakers.

Similarly, it is easy to set predefined usage scenarios, adjust the hours of activity, the intensity of lighting and the color of the lights.
Take advantage of the latest generation thermostats

Thermostatic valves are essential to better regulate the heating during the cold months. Smart alternatives are also available on the market, which allow the operation of boilers and radiators to be managed in the best possible way.

The most advanced models can help you save energy by learning from your consumption habits, and by creating real usage scenarios that allow you to lighten your monthly bill.

Take advantage of our home automation and energy saving systems

We offer a considerable choice of door automation products, make your structure flawless and cutting-edge.
On www.guestkey.it you will find the right device for you! Save and manage revenue in your facility with our devices, such as GuestKey First Access with Energy Saving System.

A complete home automation system to get the most out of your facility.

With this kit you will be able to manage the accesses to your hotel or accommodation facility, without having to hand over keys or RFID cards. The customer will thus be free to reach the structure at any time and without constraints related to the presence of staff for the delivery of the keys.

The RFID keypad integrates perfectly with the Energy Saving pocket. The badge reader connects to the door's electric striker to allow the latch to open, while the pocket allows you to disconnect the electrical loads when you are not in the room. Save around 65% of energy and running costs with this great device!

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Guestkey domotica primo accesso porte esterne interne

The home automation offer of Porte Italiane

The large offer of Porte Italiane does not only deal with windows and doors. In fact, our catalog includes a section dedicated to home automation for hotels and accommodation facilities. Inside you can find smart locks, QR code readers, smart control units that allow remote control of lighting and air conditioning systems.

For any information, we are available at 0941 901172 and 0941 912335.