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FIP Linear Essenza Line: Elegant and Sustainable doors

The Essenza Lineare Line by FIP represents a harmonious fusion between elegant design and environmental sustainability. Every detail of this collection is the result of careful workmanship, which goes beyond the...

The Domus Line: the Union of Elegance and Functionality

If there's an element that can radically transform the look of a space, it's doors. FIP's Domus Line emerges as the perfect embodiment of the union between elegance and functionality, offering not only refined style...

Glass or PVC door? Comparison between fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures for your home is a very important decision, and the debate between glass doors and PVC doors often raises questions.

The importance of swing doors in commercial furnishings and beyond

Swing doors, also known as to-and-fro doors or saloon doors, feature a design that opens in both directions

The doors in the open space: what role do the fixtures have in these rooms?

The doors in the open space are not simple room separators; they are design elements that contribute to the overall look of the space

FIP Frames line: style and innovation for unique frames

If there's an element that can radically transform the look of a space, it's the choice of doors.

Glass doors in hotels: how to insert these frames in hotels?

Glass doors are a design element that can transform the look of a hotel and create a welcoming, modern atmosphere

New year, new doors: what are the most interesting options?

New doors for the new year 2024! Let's discover together the design ideas that will bring innovation and style to your spaces! Contact our experts!

Le porte a Natale: come decorarle in maniera originale?

How to decorate doors at Christmas? Follow our guide to get some Christmas ideas, also visit our website for more info

Casablanca Pantographed Doors: Unparalleled Elegance

These pantograph doors are the result of an artisanal manufacturing process that combines attention to detail with high quality materials

Minimal Style: Which Doors Match These Homes Best?

Doors should be functional and discreet, without frills or excessive details. Natural wood is a popular choice, find out more!

Creating a secret room thanks to doors: three furnishing ideas

Design a hidden room thanks to doors? It is possible thanks to the ideas of porteitaliane, contact our technicians and discover all the news

75% Architectural Barriers Bonus for Internal Doors

The architectural barrier bonus is a legal initiative that aims to promote the removal of architectural barriers and make buildings more inclusive for all, with a special focus on people with disabilities and the elderly

The role of interior doors in rooms without windows

Today, in particular, we will talk about the role of internal doors in rooms without windows and how windows can help improve the environment.

Sliding door: internal or external wall better?

When it comes to choosing a sliding door, one of the most important decisions to make is whether to choose an internal or external wall model. Both options have advantages to consider.

How is a door made? Characteristics and curiosities

Doors are essential elements of our homes and buildings, but we often take for granted their complexity and the different characteristics that compose them.

Attic doors: which models to prefer in these environments?

attic doors must be designed to maximize the available space and adapt to the slope of the roof. Find out more

How do doors affect room lighting?

When designing the lighting of a room, we often focus on lamps, chandeliers and wall lights. One element that is often overlooked but can have a significant impact on room lighting are doors.

Door decorations: 5 good ideas for all seasons

Doors are important elements of the home, but are often overlooked when it comes to beautifying rooms. Door decorations can add personality, style and a welcoming touch to any space

Flush fittings: how and where to install them to make the most of them

lush-to-wall furnishings have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their minimalist design and ability to create a spacious and uncluttered environment.

How to choose doors for a small apartment?

When it comes to furnishing a small apartment, every inch counts. Any choice, including the type of doors you install, can make the difference in terms of functionality and comfort.

Which doors to choose for offices and professional studios?

Offices and professional studios are places where you work, create and make important decisions. The choice of interior doors for these spaces must be made with care and attention, considering several factors.

Features and benefits of folding doors for the home

Folding doors are a solution suitable for any type of environment, capable of offering a modern and functional look.

Which interior doors to choose in anticipation of summer?

During the summer, the need to keep the house cool and well ventilated becomes a priority. One of the most important choices concerns the purchase of the most suitable interior doors, in order to make the most of the...

Customizing the Interior Doors of the House: Ideas and Suggestions

Customizing the interior doors of your home is a way to add a touch of style and personality to your home.

Door Handles: Features, Prices and Offers

Door handles are an essential element for opening and closing any type of window, both internal and external. Visit the site

With GuestKey, managing electronic locks is simple

The theme of access management in accommodation facilities is becoming increasingly central. This is because tourism is constantly changing, and the most common travel solutions currently are those involving short...

Electronic locks for hotels: 5 reasons to choose them

Electronic hotel locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their many features and benefits over traditional alternatives. In this article, then, we will explore the top 5 reasons to choose electronic locks for...

Classic or Modern Boiserie? How to choose the best

Boiserie is a decorative element for walls made up of a series of panels in wood or other materials, which can be used to decorate the interior of a home or office. There are two main types of boiserie: the classic...

5 ragioni per scegliere gli Armadi Filomuro per la propria casa

Wardrobes are an important element in any home decor. Not only do they provide storage space for clothes and accessories, but they can also add aesthetic value to the room. Filomuro wardrobes, in particular, are an...

Flush to wall hinged glass doors: what they are and features

Flush-to-the-wall hinged glass doors are an excellent solution for those looking for an elegant and modern solution that integrates perfectly with the architecture of the house.

Home automation room meaning: what makes a room smart?

Home automation is a technology that allows you to automate certain functions within a room, offering the customer a unique and tailor-made stay.

Internal wooden doors: features, models and prices

Interior wooden doors are an ever-popular choice due to their natural beauty and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere in any room. In this article we will explore the features, models and prices of these windows.

What material is best for interior doors? 4 options

Internal doors are an important element of furnishing a home, as they can influence the style and atmosphere of the environment in which they are located.

Internal or external sliding doors? How to choose the best

Interior sliding doors are a popular choice for many homeowners. Thanks to their ability to slide along a rail, they are an ideal alternative for those looking to save space and create a more modern environment.

Altopiano Divider Doors: Custom Design and Functionality in One Solution

Altopiano divider doors by Italia Doors are the perfect solution for those seeking a modern and functional alternative to traditional fixed walls for dividing spaces.

Spring is coming: how to get more light with interior doors?

As spring arrives, many people want to increase the amount of natural light inside their homes. Interior doors can play an important role in this process: here are some ideas on how to get more light with modern...

Are electronic locks safe? Answers to all doubts

Electronic locks have gained a lot of popularity due to their convenience and advanced technology. Find out more by reading the full article

Sliding, hinged, and pocket: all types of glass doors

Glass doors are an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional wooden doors

Soundproof doors: because every structure should have them

Soundproof doors for hotels are designed to block external noise and reduce the echo inside the rooms, find out more on our website

Swing doors for restaurants: why use them and what they are

Swing doors are a great choice for restaurants that want to maintain the comfort of their customers. Read on for more information

Fire doors: models, features, where to use them

Fire doors are a vital element in any building, as they are intended to prevent the spread of fire and to ensure safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Swing doors: why are they still so used?

Swing doors are one of the most common types of doors used in modern construction. They consist of a door that opens in two possible directions

Flush-to-the-wall wardrobes: the reasons to choose them and buy

Flush-to-wall wardrobes are an excellent solution for those who want to make the most of the available space in the home or office. Find out more

The evolution of hotel automation in 2023

Hotel automation is the application of automation technology to improve the quality of life in residential and commercial buildings. In recent years, in particular, hotel automation is becoming more and more...

5 reasons to install wainscoting in your hotel

Boiseries are an excellent choice for hotels that want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their spaces. Without further preambles, let's immediately see five reasons why you should consider installing...

Skirting boards: features and functionality of this useful accessory

Skirting boards are a very common finishing element in buildings, but they are often overlooked or underestimated. In fact, it is a very useful and functional accessory that can add a touch of elegance and...

Modern interior doors: the guide to the most correct choice

The ideal design of modern interior doors must take into account factors such as budget, size and choice of materials

Frosted glass: all the secrets of this precious material

Frosted glass is a valuable material and widely used in the manufacture of doors. It is popular for use in homes, offices and even restaurants

Wooden doors: the reasons for choosing these unique fixtures

Home doors are very important. If you're new to wooden doors, you may not realize that there are so many different types to choose from.

Hotel furniture: 4 ways to improve by putting yourself on the side of the guests

If you have ever stayed in a luxury hotel, you know that there are many things to consider when choosing hotel furniture. Find out more with porteitaliane

Home automation Kit Check in Hotel with Save energy for access management

Home automation appears as an increasingly essential element in the management of accommodation facilities that really want to define themselves as modern and in step with the times. For this reason, we have designed...

Italian Doors Configurators: create your fixtures

Creating doors tailored to your needs sometimes seems to be an impossible task. There are too many factors to consider, let us guide you!

Ventilated Doors Configurator: furnishing solutions for you

We have already had the opportunity to talk about the swing doors several times in this blog. Their great versatility allows them to be used in all types of environments, especially those that are receptive and...

Modular walls: the furniture that follows your needs

Modular walls represent a highly versatile furnishing solution. Their ability to adapt to spaces make them ideal for use in contexts that are also very different from each other, such as commercial premises and...

Space Partition Walls Configurator: how to use it and what it is for

Porte Italiane has developed a new and powerful tool that allows you to create your own furnishing solution in a short time.

Glass Partition Wall Configurator: the whole procedure

Partition walls: The potential of glass in home furnishings is almost infinite. Think of all the types of house doors that can be purchased in the Porte Italiane catalog

Sliding Glass Doors Configurator: design your windows

Sliding glass doors are able to bring elegance to any type of environment. To the innate sense of lightness and refinement of glass, in fact, they add all the dynamism of the sliding mechanism.

Plateau Partition Walls Configurator: how to best use it

Partition walls play an increasingly important role in modern homes. These furnishing details are able to intuitively manage the rooms, allowing you to make the most of all the rooms that make up your home.

Internal Doors: the guide to the difference between models on the market

The main types of interior doors are hinged, sliding and folding doors. They are available in different sizes and materials. Among the many choices, those in wood, PVC and fiberglass doors stand out.

Interior door handles: characteristics and models

The interior door handles is one of the first things visitors notice when they enter the house. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to it. There are several types of handles to choose from, and this...

Door in wood, plastic or composite: which is safer?

When it comes to choosing a door for your home, there are many options to consider. Some doors are appreciated for being aesthetically pleasing, others for being durable and still others for satisfying all tastes of...

QR reader: what is it? How can I use QR codes in the hotel?

A quick reference (QR) code, also known as a quick response code, is a type of digital image that can be scanned using a smartphone application or special devices, called QR readers.

Security doors, how to protect your home? All the info

One of the most popular ways to improve the security of your home is by adding armored doors.

Modern and classic doors: can they coexist in the same house?

Interior doors contribute to the overall style of a home's décor. They not only separate the rooms, but also offer privacy and give style to the whole environment.

Interior doors of the house: when, how and why to clean them

Are you looking for ways to keep the charm of your home intact? A good idea is to give the interior doors a good clean.Read our tips to find out how to keep the window frames clean.

Home office: ideas to make it more comfortable and productive

It is true that having a home office helps you work better. This place, often hastily created, allows you to do your job easily, efficiently and comfortably.

New trends for the choice of external doors at home: some examples

The need to rethink door design and house layout has been demonstrated by post-pandemic life. A home is no longer just a place to live, but also an office, a school, a gym and more.